Alessandra changes attitudes, outcomes, and life trajectories


Alessandra specializes in holistic tutoring and homework therapy: tutoring and mentoring students age 12-20 in standardized testing, academics, time management, and study skills.

Alessandra provides in-person, FaceTime, and instant appointment options to accommodate students.

Tutoring specialities:

Lower & Middle School

  • English

  • Reading

  • Writing

  • Math

  • Sciences

  • Italian

  • French


AP Exams

  • AP Macroeconomics

  • AP Microeconomics

  • AP Statistics

  • AP English Literature and

  • AP English Language and Composition

  • AP Environmental Science

  • AP Psychology

  • AP Art History

  • AP Italian Language and Culture

  • AP French Language and Culture

Upper School

  • English

  • Writing

  • Math

  • Statistics

  • Economics

  • Sciences

  • Psychology

  • Art History

  • Italian

  • French

  • Essay editing

  • College essay process


Standardized Tests

  • SSAT

  • ISEE

  • PSAT

  • SAT

  • SAT Subject Tests

  • ACT

  • GRE



Private courses in which Alessandra works with students to enhance their knowledge, improve skills, and build confidence

Study Better

Your child will become a better planner, scheduler, and organizer:

  • Supply organization

  • Time blocking

  • Planning & scheduling practices

  • Studying tools

  • Vocabulary enhancement strategies

Writing the Essay

Effective and efficient strategies to produce a strong academic essay with the POWER Method:

  • Plan

  • Organize

  • Write

  • Edit

  • Review

Math Mastery

  • Review material from the school year

  • Develop and apply new skills


Alessandra's goal is to help your child not just cope, but thrive. To learn more about a personalized program, contact Alessandra today.

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ALB helps your child not just cope, but thrive.