ALB Tutoring is a holistic tutoring and homework therapy experience in New York owned and operated by Alessandra L. Badioli.

About ALB

Growing up between Manhattan, Connecticut, and Italy, Alessandra is a multi-lingual and multi-cultural resident of the world. Alessandra is defining a niche deep within the world of education and psychology. A clinical psychologist in the making – she is currently working towards an MA at The New School and will ultimately pursue a PsyD – Alessandra is continuously evolving her practice into a unique holistic hybrid.

She helps solve math problems and emotional ones, using a results-focused behavioral approach.
— New Canaan, CT Parent

Her experience

Alessandra has been tutoring for the past eight years in both the United States and in Italy. She exudes a contagious passion for helping others and strives to develop a relationship with her students through which they can uncover their confidence. Alessandra works closely with students, and parents when necessary, to devise and implement habitual modifications, study plans, methods to become and stay engaged, and motivational incentives.

Alessandra received her formation from two of the finest private schools in New York City and in Connecticut. After attending NYU, Alessandra graduated with a B.S. in Economics from the Università di Bologna in Bologna, Italy. She is trilingual (English, Italian, French). Alessandra is familiar with the competitive standards of the the world's most prestigious schools. She will change your child’s attitude, outcome, and life trajectory.

References available upon request.

Homework Therapy

A term recently coined by The New York Times, homework therapists help solve math problems and emotional ones. Academics are a piece of the puzzle that is life: home life, social life, emotional life, physical life, school life. If there is an issue in one realm, the others, especially academics, suffer.  Alessandra works with her students to develop the skills necessary to be successful individuals. This includes developing study plans, implementing strategies to stay focused, and managing anxiety and stress. Music playlists, organization workshops, mindfulness and meditation, and physical exercises are some of the ways Alessandra's students learn to manage stress and thrive.

ALB helps your child not just cope, but thrive.